Entertainment Industry ARTS Courses 

Recreational Training Workshops 


Film & Digital Media | Creative  Writing | ARTpreneur

Each Workshop 3-Days, 9-Hours

  • Journey in Digital Storytelling Introduce students to basic skills in creative storyboarding, camera operation, editing, and visual presentation that align with real-world experience in film editing and entertainment industry standards. Life Skills: Teamwork, time management, creative self-expression. [Film]
  • Creative Cloud & Me This course introduces students to social media platforms and design technology. them. Life Skills: Creating positive self-imagining and reframing negative world images and labels. [Media]
  • Words Do Matter! – Reader’s Theatre – This course is designed to help students with analyzing a script that can be used for group performance. The students discover the collaborative power of choral performance and acting techniques. Life Skills: Community, team building, organization, and time management. [Theatre]
  • Your Thoughts, Your Voice! This course uses scriptwriting techniques to introduce Playwrighting and screenwriting. The course allows the student to develop creative writing skills and performance skills. Life Skills: Collaboration, listening, and non-verbal communication and relationships. [Creative Writing]
  • A New Narrative Through Poetry This course is designed to teach the art of basic poetry writing and to encourage free-flowing poetry writing. The course will create a safe place for students to unpack information that they are comfortable with putting into a storytelling format. Life Skills: Acceptance, positive self-talk, and self-revelation. [Creative Writing]
  • Love Letters This course introduces students to the power of effective communication through the written word. It teaches students the formatting of well-written, impactful letters filled with emotion, insight, and celebration. Life Skills: Forgiveness, meditation, acceptance. [Creative Writing]
  • Show Me the Money! This course introduces students to resources that can empower financial sustainability that support and fund future artistic and business goals. Students develop business plans that map out their creative conceptions, mission, and vision. Life Skills: Personal Finance, Managing Money, and Investments. [Entrepreneurial Mindset]