Pathways to Professional Skill Building

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Apprenticeship – A one-on-one training program in which an apprentice learns the particular profession or trade through dedicated oversight, hands-on labor, and sometimes classwork.

Co-Op Education – Cooperative education, sometimes referred to simply as a co-op, is a blended standard learning program mixed with actual work experience in a classroom. A co-op program is similar to an internship but usually integrated into the school experience and curriculum.

Externship – An externship is an educational program for giving students short experiences of actual industry work through a partnership between the school and the business. An externship is usually a shorter commitment than an internship, but they both could lead to an employment contract upon completion.

Service-Learning – Service-learning is an educational approach where students get a learning experience through community service.

Learning Modes

In-Person – Students attend a lecture or lab on specific days and times and collaborate with their instructor and classmates.

Virtual – Students attend live online meetings on specified days and times and complete additional work independently.

Hybrid – You learn online and in person. Think of this as a mixture of an in-person and online class.