ARTS, Entertainment, and Digital Media Training

We connect people impacted by the justice system to the healing and life-changing power of the arts.

“What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.”


Multi-Arts Programs

Man using video camera

Media Arts

CONNECTING to the creative spirit through storytelling.

Young male dancer

Dance & Movement

CONNECTING to energizing and calming impulses through motion.

Three actors performing

Theatre Arts

CONNECTING to the imagination through live performance.

Piano keyboard


CONNECTING to harmony and balance through rhythmic sound.

Man reading a book and using a tablet

Creative Literacy

CONNECTING to new possibilities through education and technology.

Artist's brushes

Visual Arts

CONNECTING to the heart and soul through an array of images.


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The Reentry ARTS Connection recognizes and celebrates the efforts and accomplishments of others.  We believe in the power of people-building! As arts professionals and patrons, co-founders King and Yates have witnessed and personally experienced the transformative force of the arts and the life-long effects it can have on individuals and communities.

Pathways to Creativity

Journal with handwritten pages
Rewriting the Narrative

Exploring the world by addressing self-esteem, relationships, fears, hopes, dreams, and forgiveness through poetry writing, scriptwriting, visual storytelling, and journaling.

Silent Healing Workshop
Silent Healing

Escaping the inner noise helps to manage the chaos from past and present thinking and promotes a sense of calm and control through meditation, movement, and spiritual formation.

Two actors on a theatre stage
Center Stage

Recognizing the consequences and impact of storytelling through the strategic use of language through acting, improvisation, and spoken word.